“The Bad Canadian”, written by local Goderich author Leonard G. Mokos, is a wartime mystery set in Edinville, a fictional small Canadian town based on Goderich.

Set during the summer of 1940, the story follows Wartime Special Constable “Lame” Eddie Sommers, a crippled rich boy whom no one takes all too seriously.

When veterans of the First World War are being murdered in the small town, Eddie recruits a former detective and veteran of the First World War named Marshall Geary to help him out.

Marshall wears a copper mask as a result of his own disfigurements during the war. He is haunted by flashbacks and the lingering memories of his own concealed crimes.

Together, Eddie and Marshall try to solve the murders but in the process all involved get dragged to their limits, their failings and their buried pasts.

“The Bad Canadian” is available at our Goderich location and retails for $15.00.

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