New from International Playthings this year is the cool outdoor chalk activity called Chalktivity. It is a step up from ordinary sidewalk chalk. With Chalktivity, children can create cool designs using powdered chalk as well as do different activities. The Chalktivity powder is also non-toxic.

We carry a few different kits, plus the chalk refills.

The Bouncing Dots kit allows colourful dots to be made with every bounce. Simply fill the ball with powdered chalk and toss it!

The Rainbow Jump Rope adds a bit of creativity to a simple activity! Rainbow prints are created with every hop and skip. Simply fill the four separate compartments in the sealable pouch with different colours of chalk, seal them and begin jumping rope. When the pouch hits the ground, chalk patterns are formed. To change the design, simply change the way you jump.

The Chalktivity Stamp Wand allows you to add hearts, stars and lightening bolts to any chalk design with a quick stamp!

Stop by our Goderich and Kincardine store locations to check out this cool new item plus other fun toys and activities we have for the spring and summer!

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