One of the latest additions to our great selection of games at Fincher’s is Codenames.


Codenames is a fun party game lasting between 15-25 minutes, depending on the number of players! It is for ages 14 and up and for 2-8 (or more!) players. The game is easy to learn and very fun to play. Players divide into two teams, red or blue. One player from each team is chosen to be the Spymaster. A grid of 25 word cards is made and each Spymaster has access to a card that designates each word (or agent) as belong to either red, blue, an innocent bystander (tan coloured card) or the deadly assassin.

During their turn, the Spymaster says a single word followed by a number that relates to a word on the board. The team has to guess which words correspond to the clue. If they guess correctly, a red or blue card gets placed over that word, and brings them closer to victory. If they guess incorrectly, however, either the other teams card, the innocent bystander or the deadly assassin, is placed over the world. If the team has guessed the word that corresponds to the deadly assassin, they automatically lose and the game is over.

The game is won when one team has all their agents marked on the board (unless the deadly assassin card has been played).

The game is $27.99 and is available at both our Goderich and Kincardine locations.

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