Easter Flyer

After consulting with our MPP Lisa Thompson, we have been advised we can resume with our over the phone and email orders with curbside delivery. No customers are allowed in the store.
[email protected]
Monday - Saturday 10am - 2 pm
[email protected]
Wednesday & Saturday 10am - 2 pm
How this works:
  1. Phone in or email us your order
  2. We prepare your order for you
  3. We will ring your sale through and you pay with credit card over the phone
  4. Please arrange a time with us within our hours listed above for pick up. We ask you call and tell us you are in front of the store. We will unlock our door and set your purchase outside. After we close and lock the door you can pick up your order. Please allow us the 6 feet social distancing from the front door.

Thank you